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‘Alexis Sanchez could be the reason Aubameyang rejects United move’

Aubameyang, Arsenal
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Aubameyang will reject a move to Manchester United after seeing how Alexis Sanchez has struggled at the club, according to Charlie Nicholas.

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is unlikely to leave Arsenal for United, with thoughts lingering on how former Gunner Alexis Sanchez has struggled at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils have a reputation for taking some of Arsenal’s best players bit not necessarily all of them turned out to be great moves

Back in 2012, an in-form Robin Van Persie left Arsenal to rivals Manchester United and went on to do well at the club, including winning a Premier League title.

In the same vein, Alexis Sanchez followed the same part when he joined United in 2018 but failed to make the grade at the club and was eventually loaned out to Inter, where he currently plays.

It might be déjà vu all over as Arsenal could yet find themselves in the same scenario. Aubameyang is now in a similar boat, with no extension agreed to terms set to run through to 2021.

If Aubameyang doesn’t renew his contract, he could end up leaving for free, with United one of the clubs heavily interested in his signature.

Charlie Nicholas is of the idea that history won’t repeat itself again as the Arsenal captain will have thoughts of Alexis Sanchez’s struggles rather than Van Persie’s success at United.

The former Gunners forward told Sky Sports: “It depends what people put down as a risk. If he was to go to Manchester United, does it help Arsenal? No, not at all.

“If Aubameyang wants to leave, you ideally want him out of the Premier League. However, he is of a mind and age that I can see the dangers and understand comparisons with Van Persie.

“However, I think he will be thinking about what happened to Alexis Sanchez rather than Van Persie.”

“Would Aubameyang want to be a part of a superstar reload at Manchester United? Is there a great appeal to that? If it was Liverpool or Man City I would get it, but Manchester United are miles away from the top two. I do not see the appeal of moving to Old Trafford.”

Aubameyang has been highly influential for the club this term, being the Gunners’ highest goalscorer with 17 league goals.