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Alexis Sanchez, Man United’s most overrated number ‘7’

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It’s time to talk about a taboo subject at Manchester United, which is about just how overrated Alexis Sanchez is as the number ‘7’ at the Red Devils.

We are not joking when we state the following even if it hurts Manchester United fans, Alexis Sanchez is the Red Devils’ most overrated number ‘7’ in history and one of the most overrated players in the world. The Chilean forward has never really lived up to the expectations that people had of him, ever since he started his career. Perhaps only his time at River Plate and Udinese were half decent, but other than that, Alexis has never been the great player that everyone talks about at club level. We have to differentiate him from the Alexis of the Chile National Team, because he’s gotten some important trophies with his country. But even on that level, Alexis has never truly become that incredible forward that so many journalists and experts expected him to be. Not even during his time at Arsenal, did Alexis Sanchez make a huge impact despite having contributed with a respectable number of goals and assists during his time with the Gunners. This is a player who has tremendous skill, but he never appears in the most crucial moments for his clubs, and Manchester United made a terrible mistake by not only signing him, but giving him the honor of wearing the mythical number ‘7’.

The most obvious moment in which I realized that Alexis Sanchez had only come to the Red Devils for the fame and not the actual glory, was when he said that he was a Manchester United fan since he was a kid, which is the exact same quote the press picked up from him when he signed for Barcelona or Arsenal. But the Manchester United board didn’t care about that, they truly were conned with this player because they even gave him the number ‘7’ shirt which has been worn by some of the greatest legends the Red Devils ever had throughout history. But then again, Manchester United has abused the number a bit much since Sir Alex Ferguson left the institution. The names of Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo, have been dragged through the mud by sharing this precious number with such an overrated player as Alexis Sanchez. Mark my words, the Chilean winger will leave just as irrelevant as he came to the club and he won’t be important in the Red Devils’ history as one of its number ‘7’. I’m positive that there are many Manchester United supporters who feel exactly as I do, because Alexis has never really proved anything that has granted him the honor of wearing this number.

The first time I realized this player wasn’t really that good, was back when he played in Barcelona under Pep Guardiola. The Catalan manager was also conned into believing that Alexis was one of the greats, but the only good performance he delivered was in El Clasico when he scored a winning goal and Guardiola had already left by that point. Don’t get me wrong, I think Alexis is a good player who could work very well in a club like Atletico Madrid or Tottenham Hotspur where the pressure is not as great as Manchester United or Barcelona. This is a man who has never proved that he is worth all those millions the clubs have paid for him, and yet he still keeps wooing the best managers with the stats he delivers. In that respect, Alexis Sanchez reminds me a lot of Mesut Özil, another overrated player who is very talented but just lacks the blood to become the very best in the most crucial matches against the most competitive of opponents. This is one of those opinion pieces that I usually write and very rarely get wrong, but I do love it when I trash a player and he proves me wrong by the end of the season. I seriously hope that Alexis shuts me up, but mainly because I don’t want Manchester United’s number ‘7’ to keep getting dishonored as it has in the last couple of years.

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