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All hail Liverpool, the Jurgen Klopp’s army

Liverpool Mo Salah Jurgen Klopp
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Virgil van Dijk gave the lead, while Mo Salah put the match beyond any doubt with his late goal to give Liverpool the three points on offer.

It has not been an easy task to support Liverpool over the years. The transfers never worked and when they did, the star players were shipped off to pastures green. Barcelona, Real Madrid and even Chelsea plucked the best the Reds had. Surely it must have not been easy being a Liverpool fan.

And when the club started to get a semblance of balance, Steven Gerrard slipped. Out of anyone who could have fallen down, it was the captain. The hero of Rome. The conqueror of Milan. And he fell when the long wait for Premier League title was within their grasps.

Free flow downward spiral and beyond

It was a free flow spiraling down from there. Luis Suarez wanted out. The Uruguayan was so desperate to leave the sinking ship that the preferred to not play for six months with Barcelona than wear the red jersey again.

Times were tough. Brendan Rodgers was shipped out within a year. The manager could not set the tone for Liverpool again and it was understandable to part company.

It was time to move on. And even Rodgers would accept that. The trophy cabinet has not had a meaningful addition and fans need silverware. So do the pencil pushers in the backroom and the major stakeholders in the boardroom.

For some odd reason, Jurgen Klopp was sounded as Rodgers replacement. The erratic German had won trophies with Borussia Dortmund but the Bundesliga is not the same as the Premier League.

Bayern Munich had some off seasons and BVB profited. Klopp was in the right place at the right time. So it was said. A lot was said but no one will own up to it.

Especially after Klopp’s initial years at Merseyside. Liverpool were great but gegenpressing was not getting the desired results. The Anfield based club were exciting but the squad did not have the legs to perform like that day in day out. So it seemed.

As it stands. Four years and doubters have been silenced. Liverpool swatted Manchester United aside to maintain their unbeaten run and title assault. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City were enterprising to watch but even they bow to Klopp’s killers.

After the win over Manchester United, Liverpool are 16 point ahead of second placed Leicester City with a game in hand . Incidentally, the Foxes are being managed by a certain someone called Brendan Rodgers.

Liverpool are top at the summit of English top flight football and right so. They have no parallels and no is even close at catching them. With back-to-back Champions League final appearances, Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool are easily the best on the continent.