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All Manchester United fans are fuming at Ed Woodward

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After yet another poor display in the summer transfer window, pretty much all Manchester United fans are fuming against Ed Woodward.

Manchester United truly are living in the darkest age of their history, chairman Ed Woodward’s inability to make solid transfer decisions has the Red Devils against the wall again.

Pretty much all the attempts they made to sign world-class players for their squad were completely squashed, most of the footballers that were approached by Woodward’s team rejected the idea of becoming a Red Devil.

The club’s history didn’t matter in this instance, all the players cared was about the club’s current bad reputation and that is completely Woodward’s fault.

When he arrived at Manchester United back in 2014, he came promising to spend money on big transfers because money wasn’t an issue.

Time proved his statements wrong as he only became a puppet of the Glazer Family, who were only interested in making more money for themselves than actually helping the club regain their dominance in English football.

This step back in the club’s traditions became a problem, the fans were louder every season but Woodward still didn’t seem to care about anything other than money.

Louis van Gaal himself stated that Ed doesn’t know anything about football before leaving Man United, Jose Mourinho also left in the worst terms possible.

In the following years after coming to the club, Ed Woodward’s ineptitude served only to get a direct Top Four spot in two out of six seasons.

The other year in which Manchester United got a Champions League spot was when they won the UEFA Europa League back in 2017, but winning the Premier League is completely out of the question at this point.

Journalists and some fans alike keep blaming managers or players for the club’s issues, but the reality is that Woodward is the main culprit of all this alongside the Glazer Family.

The fans deserve an explanation about that’s going on, they are the ones who will suffer when the club ends up outside of the Top Four positions.

Even clubs like Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur made better signings than Manchester United this summer, Woodward’s job is at stake here.

Right after the transfer window closed in England, the hashtag #WoodwardOut immediately became viral as the fans started raging against the club’s CEO.

There is nothing he can do to convince them from leaving his position, but the Glazers are the ones who make that call.

As long as Ed keeps closing deals that bring money to their pockets, that family has no reason to sack the man.

It’s sad to realize that the Red Devils’ current owners don’t really care about the club’s situation.

The only good news for Manchester United.

We do have to say that out of all the mess that became Manchester United during this transfer window, the club only managed to complete a couple of good deeds.

For starters, they signed Harry Maguire in order to have one of the best defenders in the country at their disposal.

But there is no question that the best news of the day is Paul Pogba staying at the club, the Red Devils were able to resist Real Madrid’s harassment for months.

Even if the French player wanted to leave, the club considers that keeping Paul at bay is a victory because he is one of the best players in the world.

If Manchester United wants to compete for anything next season, they really needed to keep a player like Pogba at the club.

Although there is still a chance for him to leave the institution, United not signing any replacement for him is a major indicator that they never wanted him to leave in the first place.

The problem with this is that Paul’s situation will be considered a win for Woodward, and the man truly needs to be held accountable for his terrible management of the club’s latest decisions.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the man responsible for keeping Pogba at the club, not Woodward.

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