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Allegri compares Cristiano Ronaldo with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ballon d'Or
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During an interview with Tuttosport, Massimiliano Allegri compared Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning mentality with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

A year coaching one of the best players in history has been more than enough for Massimiliano Allegri to recognize Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatness.

The Italian manager had a tremendous experience with the Portuguese forward at Juventus this season, enough to draw a major comparison.

During his years as the AC Milan manager, Massimiliano Allegri had another great player under his command in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swedish striker is actually the only player who has been on par with what both Messi and Ronaldo have done throughout their careers.

In fact, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the only active player who has scored over 500 career-goals apart from the other two monsters.

Allegri has been fortunate enough to coach both players and he immediately recognized their predisposition to always trying to win at anything they play.

Much like Zlatan always did, Ronaldo likes winning even when he is training with his teammates preparing for a game.

This characteristic was spotted only once before by Allegri, Zlatan was a player who always motivated his teammates to improve even during a training session.

“In terms of mentality, he is stronger than anyone else. Every day he finds personal objectives to hit and he can find them within himself,” said Allegri during an interview with Tuttosport.

“A player who has won everything he has at the age of 34 will find it difficult to feel hungry, but he is deadly in that sense. He has this determination that is incredible.”

“We should all learn from Ronaldo, and I too have learned, because it’s not everyone who gets to work with the best player in the world.”

“For example, on Saturday morning we have a game between ranks in training. He has fun, but his fun is winning the game.”

“I explained it to him, and I’ve written the same about Ibra in the book, his idea of fun is winning, but I told him not everyone is like that and for some there’s fun in a back-heel flick, a cheeky move, etc. And then later you bring that into the match situation.”

“I had Ibra at Milan, who every day would get angry about a misplaced pass and I told him that if everyone was as talented as him, there would be no problems.”

“I told him he was the one who had to put himself at the disposal of the others, just as the best and most talented must always do with his peers.”

“It’s difficult for the others to climb up to that level, so you must have the humility to not make it difficult for whoever is below you. That’s true of life and not just in football, so in that sense Ronaldo is very good.”

Ronaldo already won a battle against Zlatan.

If you wondered who is the better player, there is actually a recorded confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in their prime.

It happened right before the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Portugal played against Sweden for the direct qualifier.

There was one last ticket on the line for the competition in Brazil and we really got an epic couple of games.

Even though Zlatan Ibrahimovic played mesmerizing football during the series, Cristiano Ronaldo was exceptional.

The first leg in Portugal gave us a local victory with a solo goal from CR7, Zlatan didn’t appear in that match.

However, the return leg gave us a thrilling conclusion in which Ronaldo scored the first goal but it was followed by a brace from Zlatan.

With a draw in our hands, we got a thrilling last 15 minutes that Cristiano Ronaldo solved by completing a hat-trick in Sweden.

This was the ultimate proof of who was the better player, but both of them are legendary in their own right.

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