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Allegri pinpoints Juve’s best game of the season

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Juventus manager Max Allegri believes his squad’s best game of the season was against Manchester United despite the game ending in defeat

Juve crashed out of the Champions League in the quarter-finals against Ajax but had some highlights in the tournament this season.

And Allegri feels United’s win trumps their comeback against Atleti all to the surprise of most Juve fans.

“Valencia, Manchester United, and Atletico Madrid in the Champions League were three great games. With Valencia, we went down to 10 men, and that was when the true Juve DNA came out, concentration, aggression.

“We wanted to prove that even after Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off, we could still win. Then against Manchester United, it was probably our best game, but nobody remembers it because we lost.

“We threw it away at the end, and that just shows you, that in football you don’t win if you only play 85 minutes.

“It was better than our performance against Atletico because against the Spanish side we didn’t play as well, but we took all of our chances. In that match, we had nothing to lose and everything to win.

“Those were all different games, two of which we won and the other, which was our best performance of the season, we lost.


“I say this because no match is the same as the last, every situation is different, every season different. It is not an exact science, because who knows if the best Juve player of this year will be the best player of next season?”