Almiron reveals why he signed for Newcastle

Newcastle United became the club’s most expensive transfer after he was bought from Atlanta United for £20 million.

Footballer Miguel Almiron left current Major League Soccer (MLS) champions Atlanta United to join Newcastle United in the English Premier League.

The 25-year-old was bought on a record-transfer-fee for £20 million.

And now he explains why he chooses to move away from the United States and into England.

“I think that the interest from Newcastle was the firmest interest, and their position was the most concrete position I was aware of,” Almiron told Sky Sports.

“As soon as you realize Rafa Benitez, with his career and experience, is interested in you, it’s a decisive factor in that.”

“From the word go, he showed great interest in me. It was a big moment, not just for me but for my career as well, and I was really happy,” he added.

“Any player would feel the same when a manager like Rafa gets in touch with you and shows interest in you. It’s a really positive move for my career.”

“So far in my career, all of these relationships have been professional coach-player relationships,” the player commented.

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“Maybe I envisage the one I’ll have with Rafa Benitez will be similar to the one with [Gerardo] Tata Martino.”

“I think what I hope to gain from Rafa, the great manager that he is, is he can give a positive influence and confidence in my career,” he explained.

“I think he gives players confidence to go out there and perform.”

“It was towards the end of November, that’s when I first found out about it. I was told about the interest from Newcastle,” he said.

“It was exciting but you try to take it lightly and put it out of your mind to stop yourself from getting anxious and driving yourself crazy about what might happen. If it comes off, fantastic; if it doesn’t, just be patient.”


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