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Amoruso believes Lukaku would fit better than Dybala at Juventus

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Former Juventus striker Nicola Amoruso believes Romelu Lukaku would be the perfect player to sign for the Bianconeri this summer.

Ex-Juventus forward Nicola Amoruso believes Romelu Lukaku would be a better fit for the Bianconeri than Paulo Dybala.

“He’s a player who has great strength, especially for Europe,” Amoruso told Football Italia.

“It’ll be crucial for Lukaku to integrate with Ronaldo so the Portuguese can take advantage of his movement and physique.”

“He’s the type of player who can make the difference right away,” he added.

“If he doesn’t have problems settling in, he can be decisive in the short term.”

“Above all, he’ll add what was missing in the Champions League games,” he commented.

“Dybala has more technique, but Lukaku is certainly not lacking in that department.”

The former Bianconeri explained: “Indeed, he combines good technique with an impressive physique.”

“Dybala, on the contrary, has struggled more, especially in the Champions League, to impose his own technique because he is less physical.”

“I think it’s a very reasoned choice by the management,” he concluded.