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An Aussie is living the “European dream”

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Defender George Timotheou is playing with Schalke in the German Bundesliga after he couldn’t appear even once in the Australian League.

Defender George Timotheou was playing in the lower Australian football leagues in 2017.

He never managed to play in the A-League with Sidney FC.

Then he tried to make it into Sydney Olympic, where he only played in 27 games.

Then, his life changed, the went to trial in the German Bundesliga, gaining a spot with Schalke U23s squad, and then a break into the first team.

“To be honest, a year ago if I told myself this was what I would be doing, I would be coming home in the holidays seeing everyone with a Bundesliga cap I wouldn’t have believed myself,” Timotheou was quoted by Fox Sports Australia.

“These guys just played in the World Cup.”

“They’re worth millions and millions and millions of dollars, and not I’m a nobody, but basically I’ve come from nothing essentially,” he added.

“Just that first training it was crazy like I kept up very well and everything, but it was still a massive shock. It was just a different level.”

“Then once I started training with them often, I’m basically one of them, you can’t really tell the difference,” he continued.

“Probably my counterpart [I look to for advice] Matija Nastasic, he plays my position, he speaks English very well.”

He explained: “Nastasic is probably the first one that comes to mind, he’s a really good bloke.”

“You would think, you’re playing each other’s positions, why would you even talk to each other? And he would think who’s this young and up and coming player coming to take my spot?”

“But it’s completely the opposite, he’s helped me so much,” he added.

“He’s still reasonably young himself, only 26, and he’s really good. But honestly they all are and will come to you if you need it but if I had to single one player out it would be Matija.”