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Analysis: A breakdown of Ronaldo’s 700 career goals

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After reaching a fresh historic record, we go through the goal history in Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible career for club and country.

Cristiano Ronaldo lost this Monday’s UEFA Euro Qualifier against Ukraine, but he managed to score his 700th career goal and pull one back for Portugal.

The sensation for Cristiano was bittersweet after losing the match, but he still completed an achievement that very few players have accomplished before him.

With this goal against Ukraine, Ronaldo only has another five legendary players ahead of him.

We will talk to you about every single one of them, we won’t make a list but we will tell you who those players are.

The one he has the closest on the ladder is Gerd Müller, the German striker scored 735 career-goals during his time as a professional.

Up next there is Ferenc Puskas, who scored 746 goals during his run. Then we have Pele with 767 goals scored throughout his career.

In the second place, we have another Brazilian with Romario’s 772 goals. And finally, we have Josef Bican’s impressive 805 career-goals.

Ronaldo has everything in his power to reach those goals at the very top and even leave the bar higher than that, but getting to this record won’t be easy.

We still have a very motivated Cristiano, but we still need to get him playing at the highest level for at least another five seasons.

How many goals did Ronaldo score for each squad?

We all knew on Monday that Cristiano Ronaldo reached his 95th goal with Portugal, but he has scored another 605 with the rest of his clubs.

We obviously start at the beginning, where the journey began in his native Portugal.

Ronaldo initiated his career with Sporting CP, where he was only able to score 5 goals before being spotted by Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Once he became a Red Devils, Cristiano honed his goal-scoring skills and he truly became one of the best players in the world.

During his magical spell in England, the final three years gave us one of the best versions that anybody can remember from Ronaldo.

While in the Isles, Cristiano scored 118 goals for Manchester United between all competitions.

Then, we got the most demolishing version of the Portuguese player.

The times at Real Madrid brought us Ronaldo at his sharpest, where he scored an incredible 450 goals with Los Blancos and became the club’s all-time leading scorer.

Now that we have Cristiano tasting new challenges in Italian football, the Portugal legend has already scored 32 goals in all competitions and he is showing no signs of stopping soon.

We still have no idea how far he will get, but we can easily tell you that those 805 goals are not that difficult.

Ronaldo’s particular competition with Messi.

With all these goals that Ronaldo keeps racking up, we can’t help but get to the inevitable debate.

We can’t forget that Leo Messi is also scoring an impressive number of goals and he is two years younger than Ronaldo.

The Argentine has already reached 672 goals with a couple of years less than Cristiano.

This battle is arguably one of the most exciting between the two legends, mainly because this is where we will know who will finish on top.

Forget about all the individual accolades, we are certain that both players are eager to keep scoring and seel who is the best gun-slinger in the wild wild west.

Ronaldo has the upper hand for now, but Leo isn’t too far away from his numbers.

We are very likely going to experience the Argentine reaching 700 goals this season as well, and this will light up the debate tables around the world one more time.

We keep saying that choosing between one or the other is a matter of taste, but we can’t do anything to stop people from talking trash about one or the other.

We are grateful for living in the era of these two legends, who are easily part of the biggest sports rivalry in human history.

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