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Analysis: Cristiano Ronaldo’s title possibilities this season

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It’s time to take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s actual possibilities to win trophies for Juventus this season in every competition he plays. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus begin their third consecutive season with a new light and the same objectives. Andrea Pirlo’s arrival brings hope to some but many doubts to a lot of supporters who preferred a more experienced manager for the job. At the center of everything, we have Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man may be pushing 36 years of age, but he still can be considered amongst the top players in the world. Juventus didn’t get far in the Champions League last season but Ronaldo was still one of the best players in Italian football. The man is still as fast as ever raking sixth amongst the quickest sprinters in the sport. He still made the list alongside footballers who haven’t reached 23 years of age.

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is an absolute specimen and will continue to delight us with his football for many years. But we need to take a look at his possibilities to win all titles in an objective light, how will he fair at the end of the season? 

Ronaldo’s chances in Serie A. 

Although he’s won two consecutive Serie A titles with Juventus, this year will be more difficult than the previous two. Every major club in the country started looking at their chances to compete against Cristiano’s squad and realized they needed to buy new players. We already saw Inter Milan getting dangerously close to the ‘Old Lady’ last season, but more clubs are starting to catch up.

AC Milan has the never-ending Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading them. Lazio still has Golden Boot Immobile, and Napoli signed some very interesting talents for this new season. The rest of the competition won’t hurt Ronaldo’s aspirations though, only the four clubs we previously mentioned. The main man also wants to keep trying to break Gonzalo Higuain’s 36-goal record in Serie A for a single season. Perhaps this individual achievement is more important to him than winning the league. 

Chances in Coppa Italia. 

Even though this is a “minor” competition, Ronaldo truly hates losing and Napoli handed him a painful defeat last season. The Portuguese might not participate much during the early stages of the competition but he will start if they get to the semifinals and the final. If he still wants a shot at winning a treble, this might be one of his final chances to do so. 

Cristiano’s chances in the UEFA Champions League. 

This is where the competition gets rough. The biggest obstacle for Ronaldo will be Bayern Munich. The German giants threaten to become a generational roster that could dominate for the next decade. If we are honest, there isn’t another club other than Liverpool that can compete against the Bavarian giants.

This is why winning the Champions League this season would arguably become one of Ronaldo’s greatest achievements. Winning his favorite competition vs some of the most difficult rivals in recent memory is a beautiful challenge for Ronaldo.

Juventus need to step up their collective level of performance if they want to be competitive, this also depends on what Pirlo can do with his rookie year as a professional manager. But the man who will be there to score the important goals is Ronaldo, there is no question about it. Then we also have the Euros, which is a major chance for him to win big in 2021.