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Analysis: FC Barcelona got a sneaky result in San Paolo

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It is time to break down the result that FC Barcelona got in San Paolo against SSC Napoli this evening. It was sneaky, to say the least. 

FC Barcelona was expected to win tonight in San Paolo, but the result was quite unexpected and even sneaky in some aspects. A 1-1 draw might seem like an ideal way to return to Camp Nou for the return leg. However, we will do everything in our power to explain why we believe the Catalan club is still in danger.

SSC Napoli has a major opportunity to make history three weeks from today and eliminate Barcelona in the Round of 16. This hasn’t happened in more than a decade. The Blaugrana are shaking with fear for a few important reasons to not in this analysis.

First, we will talk specifically about the development of the game and how it affected both squads. After that, we will tell you all about the recent history that Barcelona has struggled with. This is an ideal time to go through the most recent results that have resulted in this deplorable situation for the Catalan club.

Last but not least, we will talk about the technical difficulties that the club is going through this season. These are situations that are affecting the club but are completely out of their control. They are directly related to poor management from above. 

Barcelona’s game tactics are no longer reliable.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu has been making poor decisions for years at FC Barcelona. One of his most questioned choices was bringing Quique Setien to the club in order to “maintain the club’s philosophy”. This whole tiki-taka nonsense is one of the main reasons they are in this mess.

The chairman fails to understand that Barcelona doesn’t really have midfielders who can perform this style with the same results from the past. Xavi and Iniesta are unique players in the club’s history. We will never find another duo like them.

They were the reason the club played in this style, not the manager. Setien’s tactics against Napoli were just as boring as they’ve been since he arrived. Too many horizontal passes and no vertical game what so ever. Napoli took advantage of this handicap.

They played in the best way any club can perform against Barça. The Italian Cantenaccio is the best medicine against tiki-taka football. It worked wonderfully tonight. 

Barcelona’s struggles with history. 

Moving on to the historic part of this situation. FC Barcelona knows they have to fight against recent history in the Champions League. The squad has four consecutive eliminations in different knock-out stages of the tournament. All of them have been strikingly similar in the defensive aspect.

They try to play the same tiki-taka style without having a defensive plan with dominant centre-backs. Dries Mertens’ goal was an eerie reminder of the many mistakes this club can make in a matter of seconds. Their inability to react in the face of defeat is already alarming. Then you have the technical problems they currently have.

Barcelona has several injured players that limit their options to play the competition with proper replacements. Before this match started, they had a total of 14 footballers to choose from. After the 90 minutes went by. Barcelona has two fewer players available for the next game and Gerard Pique in danger of missing the match as well.

The situation couldn’t be more critical for the Blaugrana. At first glance, the draw might appear positive but this is far from the truth. This 1-1 result is sneaky, to say the least. 

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