Analysis – Four things learned from Colombia 0-0 Chile

Chile have adapted

Colombia v Chile: Quarterfinal - Copa America Brazil 2019
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – JUNE 28: Stefan Medina of Colombia controls the ball against Arturo Vidal of Chile. (Photo by Alessandra Cabral/Getty Images)

There’s little change in this Chile side, which presents a problem for them and their manager.

This side is an ageing one, no longer capable of the high pressing, high-intensity football that served them so well in the past.

Lautaro Martinez, Argentina

Lautaro Martinez talks about his time with Argentina

Inter Milan's Lautaro Martinez is becoming a regular at the international level, and he's delighted for the opportunity with his national team.

As a result, they’ve had to change the way they play and adapt to make proper use of what they do actually have. And that’s precisely what they’ve done.

This side can now defend deep for long periods and holds back its moments of power and pace rather than letting them loose throughout. It’s a new, exciting strategy that appears to be working.


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