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Analysis: Frenkie de Jong finally had his first bad day

Frenkie de Jong
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It took him half a year but, Frenkie de Jong finally had his first bad day as an FC Barcelona player. We’ll go through his season so far.ย 

Frenkie de Jong was one of the biggest reasons FC Barcelona didn’t win against Espanyol yesterday, he had a bad day.

This Dutch midfielder was starting to worry us a little bit, he was getting too many great results.

From the first match he played in Barcelona, we knew he had something special.

De Jong has been one of his country’s top players for the last two years, and people regard him as a poster boy for Dutch football.

This is the living heir of legendary players such as Johan Cruyff, Ronald Koeman, and Ruud Gullit.

The style of play that this midfielder has is directly in line with everything Barcelona looks for in a player.

But foreigners usually take a while to get adapted to the club, not Frenkie.

This man grew up at AFC AJax’s academy, his style of play is very similar to the one that youngsters practice at the Catalan club.

This is the main reason we had to wait almost six months for him to make a mistake.

Immediately after coming to the club, the star felt right at home until last Saturday.

We can guarantee he won’t forget this Catalan Derby for a long time, he truly messed it up.ย 

How it all went down. 

Up until a specific moment during the first half, Frenkie de Jong was playing a decent game against Espanyol.

The Blaugrana knew that they needed to play a perfect match if they wanted to win, no mistakes could be made.

Luis Suarez made sure that he turned things around at the start of the second half with a goal and an assist.

It all seemed to be working out perfectly, but Barcelona needed all their players if they wanted to get those three points.

Any Catalan Derby becomes nearly impossible to win for the visiting side, especially if one side doesn’t have all the players on the pitch.

The last half hour of the game was crucial for Barcelona, nobody could get distracted.

Frenkie got a yellow card for a reckless challenge with 24 minutes still left on the clock, but he appeared to forget about it.

There was a specific moment in which an Espanyol player was making the move on the defense.

De Jong didn’t see Pique on his position and decided to make a judgment call.

There was another unnecessary foul that he committed and a certain booking was in order.

As soon as he got the foul, he knew he messed it up. Frenkie de Jong was about to leave his teammates without a player with 15 minutes left on the clock.ย 

De Jong is still one of Barcelona’s best players.

Even though we can point at him as the man responsible for Barcelona’s draw, we still think De Jong is one of the best players at the club.

In fact, his absence during those final 15 minutes is a testament to how important he is to this squad.

Wu Lei’s equalizer with two minutes left on the clock is a moment that De Jong could’ve prevented if he was still on the pitch.

Mistakes like this happen all the time and more often than people think. We are talking about this specific moment because we are surprised it didn’t happen to Frenkie sooner.

We already know that he will be suspended for the next La Liga match, which is truly a bummer.

The upside is that De Jong won’t miss the Spanish Supercup match against Atletico Madrid on Thursday.

The Catalan club will have one of its best players of the season for this tournament.

We hope that Frenkie learned his lesson and remains more focused during a crucial game like the one from yesterday.

Regardless of what happened, we are still convinced that this player is Barcelona’s future and Sergio Busquets’ most ideal replacement.

Never forget that this was Frenkie de Jongโ€™s first red card of his entire professional career.ย 

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