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Analysis: Getting deep into Toni Kroos’ absence vs City

Toni Kroos, City
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It’s time we take a look at the deeper meaning of Toni Kroos’ absence against Manchester City and the controversy it sparked. 

Toni Kroos was expected to make an appearance against Manchester City on Wednesday, but he remained on the bench. The German midfielder is arguably one of Zinedine Zidane’s most important players this season. We were all expecting him to start the game alongside the rest of his teammates.

However, ‘Zizou’ made the decision to leave him on the bench just hours before the game. Moreover, he didn’t even get on the pitch when the squad needed him the most. In fact, Toni didn’t even get on the sidelines to stretch with the rest of his teammates.

Nobody has given a proper explanation about why this happened, Kroos simply disappeared from Zidane’s plans out of nowhere. When the squad required more midfield control, the gaffer made the terrible decision to use Gareth Bale instead of the German star.

This choice has been pointed out as the French manager’s biggest mistake against Manchester City last night. The local media outlets are still trying to find explanations, but we got you covered. We made some research into the matter and came up with some revealing information that might alarm some Real Madrid supporters. 

Where it all might’ve started. 

Over the last month, there have been a few key moments that affected Toni Kroos’ status at Real Madrid. It all started during the Madrid Derby against Atletico, as Zidane took him off the pitch during the break. After this happened, the player’s attitude shifted dramatically. Suddenly, Toni started offering interviews and talking about other clubs.

This is a practice that ‘Zizou’ never liked from his players and it affects their credibility in his eyes. Despite being one of the most important footballers for Real Madrid over the last decade, Toni can still leave at any given time. Even though the manager denied he has something personal against the German midfielder, actions speak louder than words.

Not giving him a single minute during one of the most important matches of the season is very significant. We believe that Zidane will use Toni during El Clasico. However, things could take a negative turn between both men if he doesn’t play next weekend in La Liga.

Zidane’s decision might’ve come due to the player’s constant activity on the pitch. Perhaps he wanted to save him for El Clasico. But not using him against Manchester City is very suspicious, to say the least. 

The Pep Guardiola incident. 

The other reason Toni Kroos could’ve been left on the sidelines yesterday was his most recent quote about Guardiola. The German star recently revealed that he absolutely ‘loved’ playing for Pep during his time at Bayern Munich. In fact, Toni was spotted after last night’s game talking to the Citizens’ manager.

They were obviously speaking in German so nobody could understand them close by. We have no idea what the content of this conversation was, but the Spanish media is already making assumptions. Kroos is already a veteran who might be looking for a new club next season.

Maybe this is his way of sending signals to Florentino Perez. It’s possible that Kroos feels that he already won everything he can win as a Real Madrid player. There is a good chance this might be the ideal moment for him to look for a new adventure in a different competition.

Kroos already played in the Bundesliga and La Liga. It may be time for him to try his luck in the Premier League while he is still playing at an elite level. Toni still has a lot to give. It is obvious he is looking for new motivations in life. 

Could Toni Kroos leave Real Madrid by the end of the season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.