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Analysis: How COVID-19 could bankrupt FC Barcelona

Barcelona, COVID-19
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We need to talk about the dire situation that FC Barcelona could enter due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it can bankrupt them. 

FC Barcelona is currently going through a very tough situation that could quickly bankrupt them due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Catalan club has always been one of those institutions that never take good care of their finance.

For many decades, Barcelona always tried to appear as a club that had good numbers without letting the public know they struggle to compete. Selling Neymar in 2017 was more a necessity than anything different, they always need the money.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, their situation will become even more problematic as time keeps going by. The recent denial from some of their players to get a paycheck cut hasn’t been well-received by the fans. All of Spain is in lockdown right now and some of these players are living inside their own bubble.

Contrary to Leo Messi, there are some Catalan players who won’t be named that aren’t keen on getting a 70% cut on their paychecks. However, president Bartomeu might make that decision regardless of what those players think.

FC Barcelona cannot afford to stay economically healthy without those pay cuts. If this doesn’t happen, you can make sure that the club will declare bankruptcy over the next year. 

Pay cuts are the best solution. 

In regards to all the FC Barcelona players who are currently refusing to get that pay cut, most of them are well below the highest-paid footballers within the club. It’s understandable that they aren’t willing to give up on 70% of their monthly check but they have to make a sacrifice.

Also, the club already revealed that they might need to sell at least €200 million worth in players next summer in order to stay alive. This club isn’t like Real Madrid, they don’t take care of their finances as Los Blancos have done under Florentino Perez.

Perhaps the players who earn less within the club can reach an agreement to get a shorter pay cut than the ones who make more money. We understand that they deem this resolution unfair when they are making 10 to 15 times less money than Leo Messi.

The Argentine is the best example of the disparity inside the club, for he earns €50 million every year after tax. Lionel is the highest-paid player in world football at the moment. He doesn’t mind getting a hefty pay cut because he would still be making millions. 

When will we know the final resolution? 

President Josep Maria Bartomeu is currently holding talks with every single player on the squad about this topic. We know that the players who make more money don’t have a problem with the decision. However, the president will do everything he can in order to convince the other footballers who still don’t grasp the situation properly.

The club hasn’t made any public announcements about this decision because they are still negotiating an agreement with the players. But Diario Sport reported that the president is only talking to the players out of courtesy and the cuts will happen regardless of their decision.

This might be either the start of a massive dismantling of the club or a major proof of solidarity. The city of Barcelona is currently suffering the effects of the pandemic and they need all the support they can get. It’s evident that this situation will push all the Spanish clubs to make risky decisions.

In FC Barcelona’s case, their whole structure is currently under real threat. We might be going back to the dark ages when the squad won no titles and didn’t have the best players in the world. 

Why do you think the Barcelona footballers are refusing to get that pay cut?