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Analysis: How Lionel Messi could fit in Scaloni’s Argentina

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After a few months out of commission, it’s time for us to analyze how Lionel Messi will fit in Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina during November. 

The whole country of Argentina must rejoice for the outstanding news they got yesterday, Lionel Messi is coming back to play for Lionel Scaloni after his suspension.

To those who don’t remember, the captain was punished by Conmebol officials for accusing them of corruption after the Copa America in Brazil.

This was a very different side of Leo Messi that we hadn’t experienced before, which was truly refreshing for all Argentines.

Since the sanction was public, everybody has been waiting for the captain’s return.

The suspension was scheduled to last until the month of November, which is also when the last international break of 2019 takes place.

The dates will be the 15th and the 17th of this month, the games will be some high profile matches against Brazil and Uruguay.

This is a perfect time for Leo to finally make his comeback, but we are all wondering what his role will be after these months away from the national team.

While he was gone, Lionel Scaloni managed to keep the Argentina squad undefeated through four matches against important rivals.

Granted, they were all friendlies but they still count as a good result if you consider that Messi didn’t play a single one of those games. 

The first match was a quick return to the rivalry against Chile, which ended in a goalless draw.

After that, Argentina ended with Gerardo Martino’s undefeated run as Mexico’s manager after an unexpected 4-0 victory.

Lautaro Martinez played a spectacular match against El Tri, and Scaloni proved that he knows which players are better for the team.

A friendly international in Germany was also considered a good performance as they managed to get a 2-2 result as visitors.

After that, Argentina got another smashing win against Ecuador, which kept proving that AFA made a good choice by leaving Scaloni on the team.

The constants inside the lineups for all those games apart from Lautaro Martinez was the midfield duo formed by Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo De Paul.

These two footballers have been one of the key elements that Argentina needed in order to become a more serious squad.

Now that they’ve managed to complete several games together, it’s the perfect time for Leo Messi to return and become that extra punch they needed to compete for trophies.

This new generation of players is ready to begin their assault to the upcoming Copa America in 2020, as well as the World Cup Qualifiers that will take them to the World Cup in Qatar.

We will tell you all about where Messi might play during the next two matches in November. 

Leo will play freely but in a specific position. 

Contrary to what happened in previous years with other managers, Leo Messi won’t have to play too far from the goal this time.

The reason he was a midfielder during other competitions before was that he didn’t have anybody to cover his back.

Now that De Paul and Paredes are used to playing together, Messi can finally go back to his original position.

As he does in Barcelona, Lionel Scaloni’s intention is to use Messi as a right-winger who can move freely inside the pitch.

The captain will regularly start his offense from that specific part of the pitch, but we all know how much he loves to follow the flow of the game.

The next two matches against Brazil and Uruguay will be perfect for him to get that old feeling back, and recover some of that flair he needs with Argentina.

As both games will take place in the Middle East, we still don’t know if Leo will play both of them from the start or if he will be on the bench.

All we can tell you is that we know where he will play, and that we are just as eager to see him back like everybody else.

We hope this can become the start of a great streak for Leo and his country.

Scaloni is already planning on the best way to get the best out of his captain, and all the teammates are excited too. 

What do you expect from Lionel Messi’s return to activity with Argentina? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.