Analysis: How Real Madrid could benefit from Isco’s exit

Time to analyze the bad situation that Isco Alarcon is going through at Real Madrid, and how his exit could benefit the club as well as him.

The situation between Isco and Real Madrid has gone beyond salvation after manager Santiago Solari decided to leave him on the bench against Barcelona on Wednesday, this was the Copa del Rey’s first leg semifinal and the Spanish midfielder wasn’t even considered as a substitute.

This situation between player and manager is already starting to look like a personal issue between the two, Solari keeps denying this is the case but his actions speak louder than words at this point.

Let us leave one thing clear though, Isco is considered one of Spain’s most talented offensive midfielders in recent memory and any club would pay a lot of cash to sign him. With his quality as a player completely out of the question, it’s time to judge him for his commitment and efforts.

As one of the most creative midfielders in the world, Isco tends to be the kind of footballer who relies a lot more on his talent than his physical condition.

In football, you have players who were born with a natural skill to play, on this category you can see people like Leo Messi, James Rodriguez, and even Isco himself.

Then you have the athletes, who are the players that are not necessarily as talented with the ball at their feet but make a massive effort to stay in top form with everyday training.

Isco is obviously one of the few blessed players with a God-given talent, but he fails to follow the example of players like Leo Messi who combines both talent and athletic capabilities perfectly.

Isco fails to understand that at the highest level in football, talent alone will never be enough to play for the most successful club in football history.

When you are a Real Madrid player, there is absolutely no excuse to make a giant effort to practice every single day with the goal of improving your game. President Florentino Perez doesn’t pay those players such obscene amounts of money to just perform based on their skills alone.

Being a hard worker all his life, it was evident that Santiago Solari would demand his players to deliver the best results in training so they could earn their spot on the starting XI on the next week.

The only reason we see behind the manager not choosing Isco to play is based only on the level of commitment he sees on a day-to-day basis during practice, Alarcon hasn’t delivered what is expected and he will naturally miss a few matches because of that.

Competition at Real Madrid has always been stiff, but now it appears even harder because they don’t have any more Cristiano Ronaldo to save their results.

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Everything is pointing towards an imminent exit from Isco, the interested clubs are many and him leaving would give the younger players a whole new motivation because they won’t have to compete against him anymore.

Selling this player would also mean a huge income for the club, which would also help them find new players who can replace him if the manager wanted any new arrivals.

But Isco’s departure is actually well-considered, Real Madrid has a plan B, C, and even D if he decides to leave.

The rumours that have always linked the player to a possible FC Barcelona transfer are nothing more than that, president Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed it during an interview last week on Cadena Cope.

“If the managers asked me for a Real Madrid element and the player wanted to come, of course we would pursue that option.”

“Even if the situation was reversed, I think we would consider it but it hasn’t happened yet. We don’t have any pacts of non-aggression.”

“If I wanted to sign Isco, I would speak to Florentino first in order to let him know what I want. But this has never happened before.”

“The manager has never requested a Real Madrid player for the club. Madrid has a lot of great players, but the Barcelona players have nothing to envy them.”

What club would you like Isco to play for if he wanted to leave Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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