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Analysis: Neymar finally understood his role in football

Neymar, Brazil
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After Brazil’s 2-2 draw against Colombia, we need to talk about a fundamental change that Neymar had in his football this evening.

We’ve been talking about Neymar’s poor interpretation of football over the last two years, he needed an effective performance with Brazil this evening.

It has been a long summer for the PSG star, a reckoning day was in order for him and his failed philosophy to tackle the game.

We need to understand that Neymar grew up with the erroneous idea that Brazilian football has a nature of being always bold, but he missed the whole point of it actually being practical without leaving the spectacular aspect aside.

The moment Neymar veered away from Brazil’s greatest examples from his own country was when he started following Robinho.

The former Real Madrid player believed that boldness was the Brazilian way to play football, but he was utterly wrong in his approach.

People from Brazil can always be joyful when they approach life, football, and dancing. However, boldness has never been part of the equation for them.

Every single time I get a chance to watch Brazilians go about their discipline, I’ve never seen them acting recklessly when their prestige is on the line.

This is what Neymar filed to understand for so many years, he needed to go through a reckoning in order to get the idea.

The last two years he experienced were the perfect test for his character, he injured himself twice while using that same football philosophy that took him far in football.

We understood that keeping that reckless way of life could potentially push him to an early retirement, this was exactly what the people who like him were trying to avoid.

We would put our money on manager ‘Tite’ sitting him down and explaining to him how important he is to Brazilian football, Neymar can’t keep playing around with his physique like that.

We finally got a small glimpse of the player he can truly become with the performance he offered this Friday in Miami, Florida.

The match was against Colombia, and Neymar was coming back from a long absence and after the circus about his future was finally finished.

He truly needed a day like the one he experienced tonight, a top performance in which he became the game’s most valuable player without question.

Neymar started showing signs of that psychological recovery from the very beginning, but he finished the match at the very top of the list amongst the best.

The folks at PSG are happy about this new development, everybody was quite nervous about what could happen with Neymar after such a turbulent last couple of years.

How the game went for Neymar.

Nobody can say they weren’t waiting for what Neymar would do during this match against Colombia, we didn’t even know if he would even start.

After a long recovery from yet another fifth metatarsal injury, Neymar was an absolute wild card in regards to a reliable player for coach ‘Tite’.

The coach never stopped trusting him regardless of what happened out of the pitch, this level of confidence made Neymar deliver some of his best football to date.

We no longer saw the same provocative forward that we were all used to watching with Brazil.

This was a more vociferous and involved player who seemed way more practical in all his decisions.

We’ve been begging for this different Neymar for years, he finally complied to our requests for a true Brazilian star.

The man gave an assist to Casemiro during a corner kick, and he also scored the equalizer after Luis Murial scored two goals for Colombia.

This version of Neymar is vastly different from the player we were used to watching before his injuries.

We certainly expect he is not fooling us with this new front, staying in this state of mind is in his best interest from this moment forward.

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