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Analysis: Sarri’s similar stunt with Hazard and Ronaldo

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We have to analyze the stunt that Maurizio Sarri is pulling with Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s very similar to the one he pulled with Hazard. 

Maurizio Sarri has a very specific way to get the best out of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, he already pulled the same one with Hazard last season.

The Italian manager arrived at Chelsea without too much background about him, some players didn’t trust his judgment as he never won a title before.

The case of Eden Hazard is starting to look remarkably similar to the one with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both of them are the stars of their own squads, and both of them think there is nothing they can improve about themselves.

Although Sarri already mentioned that Cristiano is having a knee issue, the images of the Portuguese star training with his national team reveal a different situation.

Now that we know Cristiano isn’t having major physical problems, we can see that Maurizio’s tactic is very similar to the one he used with Eden Hazard last season.

When every tournament started in England, the gaffer started praising the Belgian star by saying he was capable of scoring just as many goals as Messi or Cristiano.

However, there was a moment in which he came after the player by stating that he never made an effort to train to the fullest.

There was even a moment in the season that gave us Hazard on the bench, which was unheard of before Sarri arrived. 

This decision to leave Eden on the sidelines is the reason he eventually started making a greater effort to offer more intense performances.

Suddenly, we had the best possible version of Eden Hazard during the final months of last season.

By the time every tournament came to an end, the Belgian winger was one of the best players of the season in European football.

Hazard didn’t only help Chelsea reach the Top Four by the end of the year, but he also scored a brace in the UEFA Europa League against Arsenal.

Before that previous season at Chelsea, Eden Hazard never gave a mesmerizing performance in a continental tournament as he did under Sarri.

The tactics of dissing the player in public started to work at a certain point, and Hazar managed to feel his ego getting hurt just enough to give a damn about the season.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is going through a similar process, all Maurizio wants is to bring the best out of the best goal-scorer in football history.

If Ronaldo plays well with Portugal over the weekend, we will confirm that he isn’t injured and he is only having a confrontation with the Juventus manager.

When all the players return from the break, we’ll be eager to see how they work out their differences. 


Sarri wants another season like Higuain’s at Napoli. 

The only manager in modern Serie A history who could get one of his players to score a record 36 goals was Maurizio Sarri.

This happened back in 2016 when the Italian manager still coached SSC Napoli, he helped Gonzalo Higuain match Gino Rossetti’s 36-goal record that was established back in 1929.

We are convinced that Sarri believes Cristiano Ronaldo can break this record, but he will have to put the star through some pressure in order to achieve this goal.

Cristiano will make a terrible mistake if he thinks that Maurizio can’t teach him a lesson or two, this is one of the wisest managers in football today.

If he knows what’s good for him, the Portuguese player will start listening to what Sarri can tell him in order to achieve this impressive goal.

Italian football is no joke, there aren’t too many players who can break this record right now but Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of them.

Just like he did with Eden Hazard last season, Sarri hopes that his plan works to perfection with his best player at Juventus.

It’s up to Cris to make things work, all he needs is a little faith and a tad of humility. 

Do you think Maurizio Sarri will be able to get the best version of Cristiano Ronaldo this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.