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Analysis: The day Marcus Rashford wanted to be Ronaldo

Rashford, Manchester United
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Let’s take a look at the type of talent Marcus Rashford hasn’t exploited yet, the one that made him want to be Cristiano Ronaldo. 

It all happened during last Wednesday’s Carabao Cup match between Manchester United and Chelsea, right when Marcus Rashford pulled a Ronaldo during a free-kick.

After nearly 24 hours passed since that moment, we can still relish on how similar the English forward’s strike was to the best goals that Cristiano scored during set-pieces.

We know that the Portugal international is still 40 thousand times better than Marcus, but the youngster proved yesterday that he is on the right track at least.

To those who had no idea, Marcus Rashford turns 22 years old today and he celebrated in style with that goal he scored.

But the similarities are eerier than anybody would think, and we decided to do a step by step of his technique while we compare it to one of Ronaldo’s best goals.

We’ve dubbed this one as the “perfect free-kick” before, it’s the one he scored against Portsmouth and it happened during the 2007-08 Premier League season.

The man guarding the goal was David James, and he had no idea what was coming to him.

In fact, this moment in football history was one of the many reasons the fans call him “Calamity James”.

There is no way any other goalie could’ve stopped this shot, but they could’ve at least been able to attempt a save.

James wasn’t even capable to follow this shot with his eyes, it was so potent and fast. 


The technique is fairly straight forward, it’s the famous “Folha Seca” style, one that Ronaldo has perfected since he began his career.

However, the Juventus player hasn’t scored many of those goals in recent years.

We have no idea why he hasn’t been able to keep banging them in, but Marcus Rashford gave us a taste of that vintage Ronaldo we all adored from Manchester United.

This goal that the young Englishman scored comes with perfect timing as well, he is going back to his best form right when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs him the most.

That goal against Chelsea wasn’t the only good results he offered in recent weeks, Marcus Rashford is the man responsible for the Red Devils’ latest victories.

We believe that this comeback started with that wonder goal he scored for England during the Euros 2020 Qualifiers.

His progression has been outstanding ever since, and here we were criticizing him for everything he did just because he wasn’t going through a good moment.

With players as talented as Rashford, all they need is a little push of confidence in order to get back into their groove.

Now that Manchester United has his best version back, they can rely on him scoring the important goals and not worry about a single thing.

Turns out that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s confidence in Rashford was always in the right place, all he needed was a little bit of patience. 

Rashford compared to Ronaldo at Manchester United. 

We will start this comparison by saying that Ronaldo will only have a chance to count the goals he scored by the time he was 22, just like Rashford.

The Portuguese player was already part of Manchester United when he turned that age, but he scored fewer goals than his counterpart.

We are obviously not saying Rashford is better than Ronaldo, we are simply making a comparison at the same age.

By the time he was 22 years old, Ronaldo was already at 47 goals at a club level.

Teammate Anthony Martial had 48 when he was the same age, but Marcus reached another Englishman who is considered one of the best in the world right now.

There is only one player who had the same number of goals than Rashford at 22 and in Premier League history, his name is Harry Kane.

The Red Devils’ star reached 52 goals with his brace on Wednesday, and we have a feeling there are many more where those came from.

We will stop fora minute and enjoy those two very similar goals on a look, the resemblance is incredible and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We only hope this is not just a momentary streak, we expect Marcus Rashford to finally reach his true potential at the age he was supposed to get there. 

What do you think about the comparisons between Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kicks? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.