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Analysis: The reason Zidane is determined to sign Pogba

Zidane, Pogba
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We need to talk about the real reason behind Zinedine Zidane’s determination to sign Paul Pogba for Real Madrid next season. 

All signs point to Zinedine Zidane still being determined to sign Paul Pogba as soon as possible.

The French manager has an obsession with his compatriot since he was the gaffer during his first spell at Real Madrid.

Regardless of the new discoveries in midfield this season. ‘Zizou’ still believes that Paul Pogba is a must-have player for his project.

There are many reasons why the coach shouldn’t even consider the Manchester United star for his squad.

For starters, he has been very inconsistent as a Red Devils’ player and he hasn’t lived up to his steep price.

Without counting his first season at the English club, Paul Pogba has been a total disappointment for his side.

The €110 million investment that the Glazer family made hasn’t been one of the smartest ones so far.

Pogba has been out of commission for the most part of this season due to an injury, the fans are fed up with this situation.

Even manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is getting tired of being questioned about Paul Pogba. It got to the point of using sarcasm as an evasion tactic.

We know that he is injured right now, he suffered a nasty ankle injury more than three months ago.

Today marks the same number of days that Paul Pogba was out due to an injury for the longest period of time. 

‘Zizou’ is still in contact with Pogba. 

Despite this scenario, the French manager remains adamant about bringing Paul to Real Madrid as soon as he recovers.

Marca reports there is still heavy communication between player and manager.

This is where we start questioning Zidane on his decisions, why is he so determined to sign Pogba?

Is there something we have been missing during all this time? Perhaps we are and we haven’t noticed yet.

‘Zizou’ has been one of the most questioned managers in recent football history.

His success at Real Madrid comes hand in hand with a stroke of alleged good luck that he’s always had in football.

Whether it’s as a player or a manager, Zidane tends to get out of difficult situations almost every time.

At the start of this season, the overwhelming majority of the press considered the gaffer would get sacked.

Even us at Ronaldo.com weren’t sure he would finish the season. But as he tends to do so. ‘Zizou’ managed to come back from a delicate situation and recovered his group of players in its entirety.

With this in mind, maybe questioning Zidane’s decisions is not that wise. Maybe signing Paul Pogba is not such a bad idea after all.

We at least have to give the Frenchman the benefit of the doubt. During all this time, Zidane clearly sees something that we fail to register. 

Pogba’s touch reminds us of a young ‘Zizou’.

As we took some time to analyze the possible reasons Zidane is so determined on signing Pogba, we realized something unexpected.

As we went through footage of his best moments as a player, we realized how exquisite Paul Pogba is.

We can see how Zidane feels drawn to his style of play, for ‘Zizou’ played in a similar manner.

Pogba has an insane repertoire of tricks that does remind us of the Zidane when he played at both Real Madrid and Juventus.

We can finally see what all the fuzz is about with Zidane so hot for Paul.

The gaffer sees a lot of himself in the Manchester United player. He clearly wants Real Madrid to have a similar player on the roster.

Despite all the injuries he’s suffered lately, it’s clear that ‘Zizou’ has no doubts that Pogba will still be important for Real Madrid in the future.

The midfielder is already entering his years of maturity as a footballer. It’s obvious he would like to spend them at the biggest club in the world.

There may be many rumors of Paul taking longer than expected to recover on purpose, but none of that can be proven.

Pogba’s arrival to Real Madrid would make the team stronger and even more of a title contender than it already is.

Zidane and everybody know that already. 

Do you think Paul Pogba would fit well as a Real Madrid player? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.