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Analysis: The rise and fall of Mesut Ozil in world football

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After yet another match in the stands, we need to talk about the rise and fall of Mesut Ozil in world football and the reasons.

It’s not strange to state that Mesut Ozil is arguably the most talented German player from his generation, his rise and eventual fall in world football is an interesting case to study.

Ever since he started his career in the German Bundesliga, it was pretty evident that we had another one of those endangered species who appear once every 20 years.

The playmaker is no longer a position that brings a lot of attention, football managers around the world tend to go after the wingers before these types of players.

In Mesut Ozil’s case, we had another rare specimen who had a prodigious left foot but he couldn’t perform defensive tasks as the gaffer required from him.

Then there are his off-the-pitch problems, another burden that never really allowed him to reach his true potential when he was at the top of the world.

There was a time when football pundits and analysts kept saying that Ozil would certainly win the Ballon d’Or someday, and their intentions to make that assumption were not wrong.

When you get a player this talented who actually becomes a professional, he usually doesn’t waste all the opportunities that life throws at him.

But Ozil’s case is very specific, it has a lot of twists that are worthy of a Hollywood movie screenplay and we got all the details about it.

We will tell you everything he accomplished, and where it all went wrong for this German player. 

Where it all started for Mesut Ozil. 

As a third-generation Turkish-German national, Mesut Ozil has a split heart when it comes to the nation he represents.

The young playmaker started a brilliant career at Schalke 04 and he quickly started going through the ranks all the way to the top.

He was then signed by Werder Bremen on his second season as a pro, this was his breakthrough role in football as he led his squad to the UEFA Cup final and won the DFB Pokal during the 2008-09 season.

Mesut Ozil managed to become one of the most coveted players in European football almost overnight, he had everything to become one of the best that German football ever saw.

The 2010 World Cup was his official presentation to the world, this is where Jose Mourinho convinced Florentino Perez that signing him was the best idea.

It’s safe to say that his years at Real Madrid were his best as a professional, but something happened along the way that wasted all his efforts.

Between his terrible life choices and his bad relationship with an abusive father, Ozil was about to make a career decision that would affect him for the rest of his life.

We can already tell you where this went, moving to Arsenal is the worst decision that Ozil ever made and he is paying the consequences of this choice.

We believe that he thinks he didn’t do that bad, but he knows that he will never become the player that we all thought he was. 

Amongst all this bad experience as an Arsenal player, Mesut Ozil will always have that one prize that will console him after he retires.

The 2014 World Cup success is just as valuable as winning the Ballon d’Or, he was part of the team that defeated Argentina in the final.

As we keep talking about how deep he fell after leaving Real Madrid, Mesut will keep reminding us that he won this competition.

Being a World Cup champion is no small feat, this is a tournament that makes professional players follow their dream to become professionals in the first place.

We have no doubt in our mind that either Messi or Ronaldo would trade all their Ballon d’Or trophies for one World Cup title, this is something that Ozil got and they didn’t.

And before you start snapping back at us, we are in no way saying that Mesut is better than any of them.

All we are saying is that inside this relatively failed career of his, the Arsenal reject will at least go to bed at night knowing that he could lift the one trophy that some of the best players in history still haven’t conquered.

We also say it’s all relative because Ozil is swimming in millions of euros right now, and he doesn’t give a damn about any criticism that is coming towards him.

Despite caring about not playing a single minute for Arsenal right now, Mesut Ozil is definitely a winner in his book. 

Do you think Mesut Ozil is a success or a failure as a footballer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.