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Analysis: Worst performing teams of Euro 2020 qualifiers

Montenegro are missing Stefan Savic in Euro 2020 qualification
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With the qualification rounds for next year’s European Championships nearing their end, we glance at the three worst performing teams.

Sometimes its just not your day. Sometimes not your year. For some teams in this list, the latter is the case. While their dreams of qualifying for Euro 2020 might be finished, we look at the efforts they have registered.


Not a lot was expected from The Wolves to begin with. But they have struggled abysmally. The Latvians make the list thanks to their woeful record in the qualification rounds.

Slavisa Stojanovic’s squad have suffered losses in each of their nine fixtures, conceding 28 goals in the process. The latter tally would have been worse had Pavels Steinbors not made his large frame count. The goalkeeper is third in the list with most saves made during the qualifying matches.

To add to their defensive woes, they have been let down by their attackers as well. The Wolves toothless front-line registered only two goals on their run of 9 defeats.


The Brave Falcons have never been European powerhouses but are certainly better than their fifth-placed showing in group A. Coach, Faruk Hadzibegic has failed to get results from his players. It seems as if Montenegro have not shown up.

Injuries to Stefan Savic have not helped their cause at the back. In the absence of the Atletico Madrid stopper, they have managed to concede 22 goals.

However, it is their inability to trouble opposition defenses during the Euro 2020 qualification rounds that is more troubling. Montenegro have scored a paltry three times in their eight fixtures, despite the presence of Stevan Jovetic.

San Marino

While Latvia and Montenegro have performed below par, but La Serenissima take the cake. There are minnows, then there are bad teams and following them at the bottom are teams that stop trying. San Marino have stopped trying. It is evident in the results they have posted.

They tasted defeat in each of their 9 qualification fixtures. However, this should not as a surprise as Franco Varrella fails dramatically in his first role as a national team manager. Since taking over in January 2018, Varella has led San Marino on a 15 match losing run.

During this ‘glorious’ qualification run, La Serenissima have conceded a woeful 46 times. Conceding at an average of five goals a game, they have only troubled the scorers once. San Marino have been the worst defensive and attacking unit of the Euro 2020 qualifiers, and still have one more match to play.