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Ancelotti believes Napoli will play against “the best team in Europe”

Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli, Liverpool, UEFA Champions League
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Partenopei manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has warned Liverpool that they are a better side than the one that played them last season.

Last season in the UEFA Champions League, Napoli defeated Liverpool 1-0 in Italy.

And now, both teams are set to play once again, with Partenopei manager Carlo Ancelotti saying his rivals are the best team in Europe.

“Liverpool has grown because last season gave them so much awareness,” Ancelotti said according to Football Italia.

“On the other hand, we’ve also grown because we’ve added more quality to their squad.”

“It’ll be a hard-fought match as we’ll be facing the best team in Europe. We hope to get the same result as last season,” he added.

“As for formation, we mustn’t distort our identity and idea. We must take inspiration from the good things we’ve done and the problems we’ve been faced with.”

“We defended very well against them last season, and the defensive aspect is very important in games like these,” he commented.

“I expect a team capable of defending when necessary, attacking when the opportunity arises and keeping the ball when needed. We’ll need the perfect game.”