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Ancelotti is fuming at the state of Napoli’s changing rooms

carlo ancelotti, napoli
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Carlo Ancelotti is fuming about the clubs failure to complete renovations at the clubs home stadium including the changing rooms.

Most managers complain about a lack of transfer activity, or perhaps injury problems, maybe a players poor behviour, I have even seen them gripe about the state of the playing surface.

However, Napoli manager went to a whole new level, when in an interview reported by Sky Sports, he complained about the clubs changing rooms.

Napoli undertook some renovation work at their San Paolo Stadium this summer.

According to Ancelotti less than a week before they entertain Liverpool in the Champions League, the state of the changing rooms has left him speechless.

He said:

“I have seen the state of the dressing rooms at the San Paolo. There are no words.”

“I accepted the club’s request to play the first two games away from home to allow the work to be finished, as was promised.”

As he continued he became a touch irrate and borderline angry:

“You can build a house in two months, but they weren’t capable of renovating the dressing rooms!”

“Where are we supposed to get changed for the games against Sampdoria and Liverpool?”

“I’m shocked at the incompetence of the people in charge of the work.”

“How could the Region, Municipality, and Commissioners fail to respect the commitments that were made?”

“It smacks of disregard and a lack of a bond with the city’s team. I’m dismayed.”

Apparently, since the interview, the contractors have gone all out to deliver their project and claimed to be confused by Ancelotti’s outburst.

Carlo Perego, the administrator of Tipiesse of Bergamo, the renovation company working at the San Paolo said to Gazzetta Dello Sport:

“The locker room work is over, except for small finishes that will be completed tomorrow.”

“Delivery is scheduled for Friday, the date is confirmed. We are not late, indeed we are ahead on contractual times.”

“I am baffled by the statement from Ancelotti.”

In an official social media post from the club, a video shows there is still considerable work to be done.