Ancelotti satisfied with his squad

Carlo Ancelotti took over Napoli this summer and he has had a very good start with his new club as Napoli are second in the Serie A and managed to beat Liverpool in the Champions League.

The Italian manager admitted that the squad he has been working with is of a high quality and it has helped him a lot, according to Football Italia:“It’s a different Napoli today.”

“We don’t have Maradona, but a high-level squad has been built, in particular with young players.”

Edin Dzeko hails Roma’s deserved victory

Edin Dzeko had no doubts AS Roma were the deserving victors after grabbing a late match-winner at Bologna to take the club into the Serie A top-four.

“Napoli have been playing well for several years now, so the quality is there. I’ll try to bring some experience, help the team to have more personality and courage in the moments where we aren’t playing so well.”

“There’s no particular ‘Ancelotti style’, because I base the way I play on the characteristics of my players.”

“Some Coaches start with a philosophy of play and try to fit players into that, I look at the players I have and adapt my style to suit them.”


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