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Ancelotti will support AC Milan at the Coppa Italia final

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The former Juventus and AC Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti shared his thoughts and expectations on the clash for the Coppa Italia between two of his former teams.

He admitted that Juventus are a tough opponent indeed as they work very well as a team, but do not perform well as individuals when put under pressure. However, Ancelotti said all he could do for Milan was put on their jersey.

“I will watch the game with a friend of mine who is living in Canada. He is a true AC Milan fan and we will wear the AC Milan jersey to watch the game. That’s all I can do to support the team,” Ancelotti said, according to Calcio Mercato.

“I hope to celebrate on Wednesday night, AC Milan will need to be brave. Fans must follow the team with passion and always support the lads. It’s not an easy situation but they can solve it with a few right signings.”

“Juventus are a tough team to face. They are very strong at the back and I don’t expect them to attack straight away. Juventus defence works very well collectively but they have some problems in the single players,” Ancelotti went on to add.