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Andres Iniesta is too good for the Japanese League

(EDITORIAL USE ONLY) xxx during the J.League J1 match between Vissel Kobe and Shonan Bellmare at Noevir Stadium Kobe on July 22, 2018 in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.

This Saturday we could see a frustrated Andres Iniesta trying to preach his football in Japan against the penultimate club in the J-League.

Things are starting to get a little bit frustrating for Andres Iniesta at Japanese club Vissel Kobe from the Japanese League, as his teammates proved that they are not even close to his level this Saturday when they played against Gamba Osaka. The league in Japan is played just like La Liga, with 18 squads and the one that makes the most points by the end of the season becomes the champion. But Andres Iniesta might be regretting his decision to play in the J-League right about now, as his squad hasn’t been able to win a single match of the last four and they have been painfully defeated despite the Spaniard’s efforts to lead his teammates. Watching all four matches we started to find a pattern that explains why Andres Iniesta might be getting a little bit frustrated with the results, but most of all with his teammates’ reactions to his creativity inside the pitch. As we all know from his time in Barcelona and Spain, Andres Iniesta is one of the most imaginative players in the world, which makes it really frustrating for him when he delivers an incredible pass that almost never gets a follow-up from his teammates.

This Saturday against J-League’s penultimate club, Gamba Osaka, Iniesta gave another incredible assist to winger Furihashi. But that first goal which opened the scoreline during the game was an isolated incident in Vissel Kobe’s favor, Iniesta kept trying to deliver the goods to the players up front but they simply aren’t in the same class that Andres is right now. Even if he has already given quite a few demonstrations of his immense talent since he arrived in Japan, it’s safe to say that Iniesta doesn’t like playing with this squad and he may be rethinking the whole contract with the Japanese club. The only thing keeping him tied to the institution right now is the deal he struck with the to sale his wines, which will make him quite a few million during the three years he will play there and he will also win a reported €25 million after tax for each season he plays with the club. It’s clear that this retirement is quite a great idea from the business side of things, but we will see Andres Iniesta growing increasingly frustrated with the club that right now are in the middle of the table with 36 points and on the eighth position.


Iniesta still hasn’t struck a deal with Mizuno.

Yesterday we reported that Andres Iniesta had ended his relationship with Nike after 19 years of representing their sportswear brand, we revealed that he would begin a new relationship with Japanese brand Mizuno and we hoped that he would sport his brand new pair of boots for this match against Gamba Osaka. However, details of the new relationship still haven’t been completed and Iniesta had to play this match with a blacked-out pair of boots which we still weren’t able to identify properly. There are other sources that are even stating that his new deal with a boot manufacturer, might have turned into a bidding war between Mizuno and Asics, and the player still hasn’t decided which will be the company that will take him through the twilight of his career as a player. Whichever brand he picks, we all know that Iniesta’s decision to leave Nike behind was in part because he wanted to go back to leather boots and maybe the Tiempo Legend VII wasn’t good enough for his taste. But whatever he decides to do with this decision, it’s clear that Andres Iniesta needs more capable teammates so he can retire from football properly.

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