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Andy Coles’s ride to practice didn’t even know he was going to United.

Andy Cole, Manchester United
5 Sep 2000: Andy Cole of Manchester United celebrates during the FA Carling Premiership match against Bradford City at Old Trafford, in Manchester, England. Manchester United won the match 6-0. Mandatory Credit: Shaun Botterill /Allsport

25 years ago today Andy Cole moved from Newcastle United to Manchester United in a secret transfer that shocked British football.

Andy Cole swapping Newcastle United for Manchester United was the transfer that nobody knew was happening until it was done.

Andy Cole was a Newcastle United hero. He bagged 41 goals the year preceding his move for the club.

The Magpies were flying high with Kevin Keegan at the helm.

On Monday the 9th of January 1995 Manchester United fans went to bed. They had no clue that their club was about to pull off the transfer of a lifetime.

Newcastle United fans went to bed with no clue their club were about to sell their hero.

Tuesday the 10th came around, and Lee Clark, Andy Cole’s neighbor, best friend, and ride to practice can’t find Cole anywhere.

So much so he leaves for practice wondering where his best mate and teammate is.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Clark recalls:

“He wasn’t answering his door and his phone was ringing out.”

“I thought, Well I’m not getting a club fine for being late”, so I drove down to Chester-le-Street by myself.”

Cole called Clarke and explained he was sworn to secrecy.

The move was herald as the ultimate coup by Fergie and United.

Keegan, on the other hand, had to face an angry mob of Jordie’s. They wanted an explanation and even blood if needs be.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Life at Newcastle went on. They to replace Cole with the likes of Les Ferdinand and Alan Shearer and still won nothing.

Andy Cole became a hero and a legend at United.

He went on to win five Premier League titles, two FA Cups, a League Cup and of course that famous 1999 Champions League.