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Angry PSG insist they won’t sell Neymar and Mbappé

Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, PSG
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PSG just released an aggressive statement against French journal L’Equipe, in which they condemn rumors of Neymar or Mbappé leaving.

Silencing rumors of both Neymar and Kylian Mbappé leaving has turned into a regular practice for PSG, they just released a new statement in which they go after a recent publication made by L’Equipe where they talk about the possibility of both players leaving the French giants.

In past months, the club had already demanded Real Madrid to make public statements in which they deny that they are going to pursue any of both players but the rumor mill is too strong to stop when it comes to selling papers or getting more clicks for any publication.

We can be certain that all those rumors will only intensify throughout the season, especially if the club gets eliminated in the Champions League because winning this competition is the biggest motivation that both players have to stay and continue their careers in France.

But the biggest reason PSG is being singled out to sell both players, are the alleged Financial Fair Play violations they made when they bought both forwards for incredibly elevated sums of money.

L’Equipe’s article explained how PSG is allegedly going to have to sell both players to the highest bidder, or confront important sanctions from FIFA if they don’t.

The club responded with a public statement as soon as they could.

“In an article published this Friday evening on its website, L’Equipe [French newspaper] dares to say ‘PSG is ready to lose Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr to avoid [FFP] sanctions’,” PSG’s statement read on their official website.

“Beyond denying this misinformation, ridiculous and only aimed to create once again a tough relationship between our club and this media, PSG is wondering, once more, about the main goal of L’Equipe and its underlying thought about its editing work concerning PSG.”

“There are so many examples of this kind of news aiming to bring a bad atmosphere around the club. Last one in date, last Wednesday, matchday against Strasbourg, with a frontpage which pretended there was a ‘Cavani issue’. In passing, regarding the incredible amount of frontpages involving PSG in this daily newspaper, proof of the club’s fame, PSG is asking itself about the schizophrenic behavior of L’Equipe and its hierarchy.”

“Four days before an important game at Belgrade in the Champions League, PSG is inviting its community – fans, partners, former players… – to unite even more around the Red & Blue shirt, around its players, its values and its ambitions that the club will always hold with pride.”

“The huge support from our fans on the social networks and inside the stadium give strength to Neymar, Cavani, Mbappe and to all the players. Against the misinformation led by L’Equipe, and its insistence to put us in trouble, PSG, the most famous and successful French club, says once again it only wishes to speak to the good and legitimate media.”

With this new statement, PSG starts to lead the charge from all clubs who are being blamed for violating the Financial Fair Play rules against all the publications that dare to write anything related to the subject.

The very first news outlet that started this whole initiative of taking information from Football Leaks was German outlet Der Spiegel, a news source that tends to write sensationalist stories about several football clubs in Europe or players who have scandals that the people will want to read about.

The French giants have even confirmed through their more private channels, that they are even willing to take any accusation to court against any news outlet they consider are publishing lies on their websites or newspapers.

As far as we know, neither Neymar or Kylian Mbappé are moving from Paris Saint-Germain any time soon.

How long do you think Neymar and Kylian Mbappé will remain at PSG before going to another club? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.