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Another fancy video, but still no return for Pogba

Paul Pogba
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Paul Pogba took to Instagram once more with another video detailing his injury recovery, but there is still no idea when he will return.

Paul Pogba has kept the fans informed if nothing else as to what his rehabilitation process has been like.

The France international is currently recovering from an ankle surgery. But while he has had time to produce some fancy videography, Pogba has yet to indicate when he will actually return to action.

The latest installment shows Pogba running in a swimming pool, working in the gym and heading into a low-temperature chamber. Of course, all this is surrounded by his trademark dance moves.

The latest comment from Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer indicates he is clueless about the situation.

In an interview reported by The Manchester Evening News Solskjaer appears to hint that Pogba is calling the shots.

He said:

“It will depend on how he feels, or when he feels ready to do that.”

Pogba’s latest contribution is accompanied by nothing more than the word “soon” and an egg timer emoji.