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Antoine Griezmann explains what is like to train in Barcelona

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French footballer Antoine Griezmann is happy after training only 12 days with the Blaugrana during this pre-season.

French attacker Antoine Griezmann has only spent 12 days with Barcelona and he’s in love already.

The former Atletico Madrid star feels he can win a lot of trophies with the Blaugrana.

“Everything has gone really well. Like a dream, but with a lot of hours spent traveling,” he told Sport.

“Breakfast is obligatory and we don’t have a lot of time to sleep but everything has gone really well.”

Griezmann added: “In the first session I was nutmegged twice so now I’m doing better. I’m not often in the middle, I’m getting used to it.”

“We work on how to react to losing possession. We like to be in the opposition’s penalty area and we need to pressure further up the pitch.”

“Playing more will make it easier to learn that,” he added.

“I played there for Atletico a couple of times, although I do better with a striker just ahead of me.”

“I’m ready to give whatever my team or group needs from me. They know I can play on the left, right or through the middle. There isn’t a problem,” the Frenchman commented.

“I like to feel important for the team and the coach. I believe that from the first moment I arrived at the training ground, I’ve shown that.”

“The most important thing is to score goals and provide assists,” Griezmann concluded.