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Antoine Griezmann: I can’t say no to Lionel Messi

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This is what Antoine Griezmann reportedly told the Atletico Madrid board of directors about Lionel Messi during their meeting last Tuesday.

Now that we know Antoine Griezmann is definitely leaving Atletico Madrid by the end of the season, we just found out that Lionel Messi was involved in his choice.

The French forward had a meeting with the Colchoneros’ board of directors about the player’s future.

Griezmann himself revealed his intentions to them on the video the club posted right after the meeting.

However, there is more pressing information about the details of that meeting in which Antoine revealed a key figure in his decision to leave Atletico Madrid.

According to journalist Roberto Gomez from Radio Marca, he got a piece of information about the conversation Griezmann had with the board.

During the meeting between the player and the Atletico Madrid board, Miguel Angel Gil Marin directly asked him why he wanted to leave.

Antoine reportedly responded that he simply: “Can’t say no to Messi”.

This opens up a whole new discussion about how things transpired right after FC Barcelona got eliminated from the Champions League.

Leo was heartbroken for not being able to win the competition and he spoke directly to Griezmann about his future.

The Argentine allegedly asked the French player to make his transfer to FC Barcelona next summer.

Gerard Pique also got in on the action to bring Griezmann.

Another report from OK Diario suggests that Gerard Pique revealed to Griezmann about Lionel Messi’s wish to play alongside him long ago.

We have to remember that the Catalan player was the one who produced last summer’s documentary that Griezmann made about his decision to stay in Atletico Madrid for one more season.

All these factors are the ones that have made a massive impact on Griezmann, who is convinced that he wants to be a Barcelona player next season.

When the board heard Antoine’s reasoning, they didn’t have a choice but to accept they have lost their best player.

Even manager Diego Simeone is already hinting that Griezmann might go to Barcelona, he just mentioned the club by name during the press conference ahead of Griezmann’s last match with the Colchoneros on Saturday.

Griezmann is set to play his last match with Atletico Madrid on Saturday at Levante, he won’t have a chance to say goodbye to the fans at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

This player is arguably one of the best that the Colchoneros have enjoyed over the last decade, but he won’t be missed by the fans that much.

Griezmann adds up to an already impressive Barcelona roster.

The main reason why Lionel Messi has decided to directly involve himself in Antoine Griezmann’s decision is very simple.

The Argentine player understands that the Frenchman has a good understanding of the South American culture and he is also one of the best footballers in the world.

The failed season from Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele is why FC Barcelona wasn’t able to get further in the continental tournament.

However, Griezmann brings a whole new level of performance to the Barcelona squad.

The World Cup champion could come in a season where the Catalan club has already signed Frenkie de Jong and could also sign Matthijs de Ligt this summer.

Just by looking at the potential starting XI Barcelona could have next season, we can easily understand why Griezmann decided to make this choice.

Marca reports that the final meeting between Griezmann and the club’s board will take place sometime next week, once La Liga is finally over.

We are very close to watching an attacking trio formed by Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Antoine Griezmann at FC Barcelona next season.

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