Antoine Griezmann’s first words as a Barcelona player

Now that his transfer has been made official, we go through Antoine Griezmann’s first words as a Barcelona player and what they mean.

Antoine Griezmann is the latest FC Barcelona transfer, the French player prepared a video with the club in which he speaks about his decision.

In a very similar light to ‘The Decision’ documentary he made last year, Antoine recorded a video of himself walking on a highway and talking about the new opportunity he got to play for the Catalan club.

To those who don’t know how the story goes, Antoine Griezmann had a done deal as a new Barcelona player last season but he backed down on the last minute.

Everybody at the Catalan club was hoping for him to announce this in the documentary we mentioned, the whole production was actually led by Gerard Pique.

The process of making this decision placed the Atletico Madrid board on a state of emergency, they didn’t know what to do in order to keep the player.

The mobilization that manager Diego Simeone made was monumental, he was determined to convince Antoine that his best place was with the Colchoneros.

The Argentine manager went directly to his home and told him how important he was for the club, the players also participated in the process by making public statements of how much they valued him within the squad.

The board of directors at Atletico Madrid even decided to pay Griezmann an impressive amount of money, just below what Simeone himself made.

So much pressure made Griezmann give in, he decided to stay and he didn’t tell anybody about it until his documentary aired.

In the show, Antoine spoke about one of the main reasons he decided to stay as an Atletico Madrid player for one more season.

Much like it happened to Neymar, Griezmann didn’t want to live under Lionel Messi’s shadow.

The French winger was the best player at his club and nobody ever came close to what he represented, he clearly loved the attention.

However, a year gave him enough perspective to realize that winning trophies is more important than feeding your ego with endless adulation.

It took him only a season to realize he made a terrible mistake, he immediately started talking to Barcelona again and reached an agreement before the end of last season.

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Now that the announcement has been made, Atletico Madrid is trying to get Barcelona to pay €200 million for Griezmann’s transfer because they know he struck a deal before July 1st.

The rules clearly state that negotiations before this date indicated the player’s market value would still be of €200 million.

Atletico’s appeal and Griezmann’s message of regret.

The whole situation between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid is far from over, the only certainty is that Griezmann will be presented on Sunday.

The player is currently enjoying his last days of vacation in Ibiza, but he is paying close attention to everything that’s happening from there.

Barcelona and Atletico will go to court over this conflict, there is no telling who will win the dispute.

The French player finally fulfilled his wish of someday playing for the Catalan club, something that he wanted to do since Pep Guardiola attempted to sign him when he played at Real Sociedad.

The only difference between that player and the one from today, is that Antoine will get the minutes he wants without question.

Griezmann will also start training with the club on Monday, he released the video message just hours after the announcement on the club’s official website.

“My father taught me that trains don’t go by you only once when I was little. It’s time to take on the challenge of a new destination.”

“Finally, our paths come together. I will defend FC Barcelona’s colors with commitment and deliverance. This is our moment. This is our path,” said Griezmann on the video.

How many titles will Antoine Griezmann win during his first season at Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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