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Antonio Cassano: Cristiano Ronaldo will have a wonderful new experience

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Antonio Cassano says he admires new Juventus signing Cristiano Ronaldo and confident Max Allegri is “the perfect Coach for Cristiano Ronaldo,” adding the Portuguese international will forever remain in history.

“He has these gifts from Mother Nature, but above all his mentality, the consistency of his training, his professionalism – all the things I hated,” confessed FantAntonio via Football Italia.

“I admire him a great deal for his ability to always be focused. He’ll remain in history forever as one of the greats and he deserved this success because he earned it through talent, but above all through hard work.

“I was fortunate enough to play for Real Madrid when it was the team of the Galacticos. I know how it works there. Real is bigger than any one champion, even one who scored 450 goals, so I’m not surprised the sold him. They did without David Beckham, Ronaldo and Raul, so they can survive without him.

“It was a great deal for all concerned, from (Juventus President) Andrea Agnelli to those who sell sandwiches at the Juventus Stadium.