Argentina, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay to launch 2030 World Cup bid

Chile President Sebastian Pinera confirmed they’ve agreed to launch a joint bid with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay to host the 2030 World Cup.

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay had announced back in 2017 that they would join forces in order to win the right to host the tournament.

But Chile’s president announced on Thursday through social media that his country will now join their fellow South American nations in the bid following successful talks with other regional leaders.

The last time Chile hosted the World Cup came in 1962, which saw the host nation claim a third-place finish with a Brazil side without star man Pele, who got injured in the Seleção’s second game, claiming a second title.

“The presidents of the Argentine Republic, Mauricio Macri; of the Republic of Chile, Sebastian Pinera; from the Republic of Paraguay, Mario Abdo; and of the oriental republic of Uruguay, Tabare Vazquez; agreed to present their joint candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup,” Pinera wrote on Twitter.

“The presidents, through the four respective Football Associations (AFA, ANFP, AFP and AUF), decided to raise to FIFA, after communicating it to CONMEBOL, the shared position to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first World Cup, organised by Uruguay in 1930.

“A few months ago I proposed to the presidents of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay to incorporate Chile, and together, apply to the organisation of the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

“This proposal was accepted by the three countries and by the Chilean ANFP. After the World Cup of 1962, Chile will have a new opportunity.”

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Although the South American nations will face some hefty competition for the right to host the 2030 World Cup.

Morocco, Spain, and Portugal all plan to lodge a joint bid themselves along with Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar, which will be hosted between November and December that year for the first time ever due to the hot climate in the summer and to avoid clashing with the Winter Olympics in April.

The United States, Mexico and Canada will then host the tournament four years later with teams to be expanded from 32 to 48.


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