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Argentina gets a little Copa America payback vs Chile

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With goals from Aguero and Dybala, Argentina won the Copa America third place against Chile. Messi and Medel were sent off in the first half.

After Argentina lost two consecutive Copa America finals against Chile, we could obviously expect an electrifying match between both sides today.

The fact that this was a game for the competition’s third place became completely irrelevant, both squads have recent history and their rivalry is quite fiery.

Argentina didn’t have Paredes and Lautaro Martinez due to suspensions, the manager decided to use Dybala and Lo Celso in their place.

From the very first minutes of the game, Lionel Messi appeared lucid and very involved in Argentina’s creation.

He is the one who set up Sergio Aguero for the first goal of the evening, the Manchester City forward received an unexpected assist during a set piece that took all the Chile players by surprise.

It was quite early in the first half and Argentina was already ahead in the scoreline, the Chilean players were fuming against the ref but they were the ones who made the mistake.

This squad was very distracted from the first minute, their skipper Gary Medel went after Messi from the initial whistle.

Leo realized he would have a hard time against the defender, but he didn’t shy away from any confrontation against him.

This heated duel would give us the most unexpected moment before half time, but we still need to talk about Argentina’s good performance.

Lionel Scaloni’s squad has progressed quite a bit since their first match in this Copa America, they actually played very well against Brazil in the semifinal but this game vs Chile was even better.

With Messi as the leader, the ‘Albiceleste’ players gave us a glimpse of the squad that we will see over the next decade.

They completely dominated the game against the Chilean squad, they got under their skin through great football.

Lo Celso and Dybala’s inclusion on the squad worked perfectly as well, they connected in the second goal that happened 10 minutes after the first.

The Real Betis player saw Paulo making the movement between the lines and assisted him, the Juventus forward scored the second goal for Argentina with a dink over the goalkeeper.

It was 2-0 and things seemed like they could go very badly for Chile, but Medel had an ace under his sleeve.

The Chilean skipper is a specialist on getting under the players’ skin, he does it perfectly and his target was clearly Lionel Messi.

The Argentine captain only saw a single red card in his professional career, it happened during his debut match for Argentina.

But today was the moment it would change, as Medel targeted Leo for a confrontation where both players were sent off.

After Messi failed to get a ball in the final line, he clashed with Medel and slightly kicked him on his right calf.

This was all the provocation the Chile captain needed, we went after Leo and started pushing him away.

Messi responded back and a brawl broke out, the referee immediately appeared and showed the red card to both players.

None of them wanted to leave, this action hardly seemed like a good enough reason for the ref to send them out of the match.

Medel already had a yellow card, which was the reason he could’ve been the one sent off.

However, Messi didn’t respond to Medel’s provocation with violence and he still got a red card.

The way that the referees treated Argentina during this competition was very strange, both squads played the second half without their two captains.

In the second half, Chile pulled one back for them through Arturo Vidal from the spot after a penalty was awarded for his side.

This result remained throughout the rest of the game, Argentina finally got a little payback for those two Copa America defeats in the 2015 and 2016 finals.

We know it’s not the same but they at least felt some retribution, the ‘Albiceleste’ didn’t expect to get this far in the competition and they leave with a good sensation after this game.

What did you think about the referees’ performances against Argentina during this Copa America? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.