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Arrest warrant issued for PAOK president following incident

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After Ivan Savvidis, PAOK’s president, went to the field to try and remonstrate to the referee with a gun in his hand, the Greek police have issued a warrant for him.

This happened during the Sunday game between top-flight greek clubs PAOK and AEK Athens. PAOK scored a late goal, which was then disallowed and this is when Savvidis decided he needs to take care of this matter personally. After the accident, the game was suspended.

The warrant includes four other people, most likely his bodyguards, who accompanied him to the field.

According to Marca, AEK’s Spanish coach Manolo Jimenez disclosed that Savvidis went straight to the referee while should that his career as a football referee was over.

Yorgos Vassiliadis, the country’s sports and culture minister, admitted that the authorities would be more than happy to work with UEFA in order for this accident not to repeat itself. He claimed no individual should be able to harm the interests of the football in Greece or wherever in the world.