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Arrividerci San Siro: Milan giants to build new stadium

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San Siro will no longer be the old stomping ground for AC Milan and Inter Milan after it was decided that both clubs need a new stadium.

For almost a century, San Siro has been one of the most fabled stadia in the history of the beautiful game. It is San Siro for Milan and Giuseppe Meazza for Internazionale. For decades, the two clubs have shared the stadium.

However, as years have gone by, the cost for maintaining the historic site has become quite difficult to manage. Therefore, the two clubs have decided to build a new stadium. It is definitely a sad day for old-school football fans.

La Gazzetta della Sport confirms that the Milan giants are going to spend roughly €800 million on a new stadium. The news was confirmed by AC Milan president, Paolo Scaroni.

“We will build a new San Siro next to the old one in the same area,” he said.

“The old one will be demolished and there will be new constructions in its place.”

The news comes after Milan were able to convince Inter into going for a new stadium rather than renovating the current one. Milan had already decided to create a stadium with a capacity of 60,000.

Now that Inter are on board, work will begin soon. During the process, both teams will continue playing at the old San Siro. The new stadium would be available for use for the 2022-23 season.

Inter and Milan are now going to present construction and development plans to the Italian authorities and would be hoping for a quick approval.

It would indeed be a shame once the San Siro has been demolished. The fabled stadium has witnessed some of the greatest players of our generation and the generations before that. From Giuseppe Meazza to Nils Liedohlm to the Di Bagios to the Baresis to the Maldini family, the stadium will always remain a part of the history of both iconic clubs.