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Arsenal advised to take Laurent Koscielny to court

laurent koscielny
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Laurent Koscielny has refused to report for training for Arsenal and a former West Ham player believes that the defender should be taken to court.

Laurent Koscielny decided to walk away from Arsenal after the club decided not to sell him for a nominal fee or free him from his contract.

After nine years of loyal service, the France international believes that he is entitled to such a gesture. However, with the club’s finances not in great shape, Arsenal have chosen not to sell him for a small fee.

And now as the saga continues to show no sign of coming to an end, West Ham legend, Alvin Martin has given his say. The Englishman says that Arsenal would be in their rights if they were to take Laurent Koscielny to court for a breach of contract.

While he is likely to be stripped of captaincy, Martin says that Laurent Koscielny needs to be given a lesson. The West Ham legend says that it would serve as a lesson for future troublemakers.

“I’m absolutely 100 per cent behind the club,” said the former defender on talkSPORT’s Kick Off.

“Arsenal have made a lot of poor signings but Koscielny has been one of the hits, for me, and he’s still their best centre-half.

“But he can’t just say I want to leave a year early, it’s crazy!

“Somewhere along the line the clubs have to put their foot down.

“I think Arsenal are in a position here where they can do football and the Premier League a favour – take him to court.

“Go legal. It’s a breach of contract. It would send out a signal to everybody who plays the game.

“He’s got no right to do that.

“What if it were the other way around? If the club said, ‘we don’t want to pay you the last year of your contract’, what do you think the outcome of that would be?

“He would go legal – so why can’t the club do that to the player?

“What have Arsenal got to lose? They’ve got a player who wants to walk out and has put their whole pre-season, and maybe even their season, in jeopardy.

“They may as well keep him, and what that would do then is send a message out to everybody in the Arsenal dressing room and everybody in the Premier League.

“They would be saying: ‘Hold on a minute, you signed a contract and, unless we want to sell you, you will honour that contract and if you don’t you could lose not just a year’s salary, you could lose everything’.

“Honestly, I’m really annoyed.

“When you see they money some of these players are getting, and they’ve got no responsibility to give anything back, not just to their team-mates and the manager, but to the fans.

“Someone has to make a stand now.”