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‘Arsenal criticism over staff redundancies is unfair’

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Arsenal have received criticism from all over for laying off some staff but Jason Cundy believes it was a ‘harsh’ action that needed to happen.

Ex-Chelsea defender Jason Cundy believes Arsenal are getting unnecessary criticism after announcing 55 redundancies recently.

The Gunners caused a stir among their own fans and neutrals alike after a statement that more or less saw 55 staff lose their jobs.

A number of key scouting figures were among the casualties in that-off.

Such has been the backlash that even the Arsenal players themselves are not pleased with the club for this action.

The Gunners’ statement claimed they wanted to keep a running model so the club can compete accordingly on the pitch.

In their defense, they might have something to show for. In the space of 24 hours since that announcement, Arsenal are now close to agreeing on a new deal with captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Elsewhere, Willian is also posed to join the club in the coming days.

Ex-Chelsea defender Jason Cundy is not fully in agreement with the lay-off but insists the players are more ‘important’ at the club.

“I’m not defending what Arsenal have done, but the footballers at the club are the ones that make the club tick,” said the 50-year-old on talkSPORT.

“No one is ever going to say, ‘Willian and Aubameyang should not get their money because the cleaner needs an extra £5 a week – nobody is ever going to say that.”

“The most important people at the football club are the players. It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is.”

“We’ve seen some of the biggest industries in the world struggle. Football is no different to banking, airlines – I mean, Virgin Airlines have just filed for bankruptcy!”

The gauntlet is now on Arsenal to back their recent action with relevant activity in the transfer market.