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Arsenal fan wears home and away kit on his wedding day

Arsenal, Emirates
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An Arsenal fan has taken his support for the club to the next level after wearing the club’s home and away kits on his wedding day.

Arsenal might not have performed to their best this season but it doesn’t mean some supporters are not proud of their club regardless.

The club only got their second win under Arteta this evening with their 4-0 win over Newcastle this evening.

And despite the recent slating the Gunners have seen from all factions, one Gunner took his support to the highest level possible.

An Arsenal fan shared pictures of his wedding on his Twitter account and his choice of clothing surprised many.

He posted two frames where he wore the home and away kits and captioned them “I love you home and away”

Arsenal fans don’t have many things to brag about but one thing that remains on their lips is their loyalty all through.