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Funny Video – Arsenal fans are still bitter about Van Persie

Robin van Persie
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It appears that Arsenal fans have not forgiven Robin van Persie for joining Manchester United and are still quite bitter about it.

After eight years at Arsenal, and being made the club captain, Robin van Persie jumped ship.

He didn’t just join anyone, he joined their bitter rivals Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson paid 30 million Euros for the then 29-year-old.

Van Persie vindicated his move inside of 12 months.

The Dutchman bagged 31 goals and a Premier League title in his first season.

Arsenal fans were enraged at the time and the player took a lot of stick and abuse for it.

Which is understandable, he was worshipped by the Gooners faithful.

However, the old phrase that time heals everything apparently doesn’t apply here though.

Van Persie recently appeared on a British TV show and a fellow guest who happened to be an Arsenal fan was still rather bitter about the whole deal.

Of course, the host James Cordon did nothing to help the situation when he asked comedian Romesh Ranganathan:

” Are you excited by being on the same show as one of Manchester United’s greatest ever strikers?”

Ranganathan gave a reply aimed at Van Persie:

“You’re a pr*** mate!”

While the audience found the whole thing rather amusing, while the United legend simply smiled.