Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ still reign supreme over Liverpool

After Manchester City was able to defeat Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ were able to rest easy and keep their unbeaten record.

So much trash talk from Liverpool’s Dejan Lovren was bound to catch up sooner or later, he was convinced that the Reds had what it takes to reach Arsenal’s historic unbeaten record from the 2003-2004 Premier League campaign.

Funny enough after so much talking in front of the press, it was the Croatian defender who wasn’t up for the challenge as he became Liverpool’s flop player for the match against Manchester City this Thursday.

The Reds weren’t able to contain the Citizens’ top midfield performance by all their players, who were led by Fernandinho and were able to suppress Jürgen Klopp’s midfielders throughout the 95 minutes that the match lasted.

This is how Liverpool missed the opportunity to stay alive in their search for that unbeaten run that only clubs such as Arsenal and Preston North End have been able to accomplish in the league’s history, whether it’s the Premier League or the already extinct English League.

But losing this match does not mean that the Reds still aren’t the most competitive side in the country, it just means that the competition is quite stiff and breaking that “curse” of not winning the modern version of the competition won’t be as easy as some people may have thought.

The real hot topic to talk about here is that at least for one more season, that mythical Premier League record will remain with Arsenal and that spectacular squad that Arsene Wenger coached to an undefeated run of 49 matches between 2003 and 2004.

Liverpool’s run was good for 20 consecutive matches, only a squad such as Manchester City was going to be able to end it because Pep Guardiola has proved that his particular rivalry against Jürgen Klopp is one of the most exciting we can have in modern football.

After this victory at the Etihad Stadium, Pep Guardiola reached 6 victories but still trails Klopp’s 7 wins, and they have gotten a draw in three different matches out of the 16 times they’ve faced each other during their careers.

Guardiola broke a negative streak of 16 months without being able to beat the German manager, a stat that fills the Catalan manager with hope for the future of the current Premier League tournament.

This victory places Manchester City back in the second spot of the competition with 4 points below Liverpool, it also moves Tottenham Hotspur six points behind the first place and reminds us that the league is far from over.

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Now that the unbeaten run pressure is over, we can focus on the real nitty-gritty of the Premier League’s current season and we could actually get the most exciting tournament in recent history with all top 6 clubs at a high level of performance.

Because it’s not only Manchester City and Liverpool the ones who are playing amazing football this season, we also have Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, and we can never leave Manchester United out of the fight for the title this early in the season.

Two weekends from now, we have some very exciting fixtures with a massive London Derby between West Ham United and Arsenal on Saturday, then a Sunday nail-biter between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

But after next weekend’s FA Cup action, we have a very interesting double fixture for the Carabao Cup semifinals. We get the Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea semifinal next Tuesday and the Manchester City vs Burton Albion on Wednesday as the first legs of the competition before we know which two clubs will play the final.

But the major news from this past Thursday is that the Gunners kept their unbeaten run intact and Liverpool’s Dejan Lovren had to swallow his own words.

Which English club will be able to reach Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ in the future? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.



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