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Arsenal’s Invincibles: Where are they now?

Arsenal's Invincibles: Where are they now?
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Remember Arsenal’s legendary squad that went an entire Premier League season unbeaten? Here we’ll look at what happened to the Invincibles afterwards.

Even today, Arsenal’s achievement of going the entire 2003/04 Premier League season is still remembered. The moment Patrick Vieira rounded Leicester keeper Ian Walker not only secured a final day win, but it set a legacy that remains unrivalled. It may even stay that way for good.

The only other team to go an entire season unbeaten was Preston North End in 1888/89. Considering it took over a century for a team to equal this feat shows what a special feat it is. Thus, Arsenal duly earned the nickname ‘The Invincibles’ for their exploits. They even extended their unbeaten run to 49 games the following season, proving their overall might.

So here we’ll look at how this legendary squad has fared since that unforgettable campaign.