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Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin the politician “F***Boris?”

Hector, bellerin, Arsenal
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Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin has turned politician and weighed in on the British general election.

Most footballers diversify somewhat in their careers.

Most do it after, but some dabble in other areas during.

The likes of Jessie Lingard has a clothing line.

Robbie Fowler became a property developer during his playing days.

Then the likes of George Weah became President of Liberia after his career was over.

Hector Bellerin is perhaps attempting a hybrid of the two. Diversifying into politics while still playing football.

While the British general election was looming large, Bellerin decided to use his popular social media status to share some key political facts and views.

He tweeted:

“Young people across the world have a chance to change what the future can be.”

“Today’s the chance for all the British people to influence what your future & those living here holds.”

“#FuckBoris #GoVote.”

We can assume that the former Barcelona academy player and native Catalonian, was not in favor of the incumbent Prime Minister.

He was probably not that thrilled with the results either, as Boris Johnson won the general election yesterday.

Bellerin has been pictured as the politician of the arsenal dressingroom of late.

But that hasn’t gone quite to plan either, better stick to football Hector!