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Arsene Wenger admits he was glad to see Liverpool lose to Watford

Arsene Wenger
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Arsene Wenger has said that he felt pleased in his heart after seeing Liverpool fail to match the record of the famous ‘Invincibles’ side of 03/04.

Arsene Wenger has admitted he was pleased to see  Liverpool fail to emulate the efforts of ‘The Invincibles’.

One of the Frenchman’s greatest achievements at the club was going an entire Premier League season unbeaten. A feat that has been achieved only by Arsenal to this day.

Liverpool looked like they were ready to equal that feat this season after going the first half of the season unbeaten, something Wenger would have been keeping an eye out for.

Just when it looked like no one could stop Jurgen Klopp’s team, Watford shocked the football world, much to the delight of Wenger and Arsenal fans all over the globe.

The former Arsenal manager recently said he won’t make a return back to the Emirates but followed it up with a statement that shows he still has the Gunners at heart.

“Yes, it was a form of satisfaction [to see Liverpool lose],” Wenger said.

“We always like to be the only ones to achieve something. They (Liverpool) could really go all the way. But it shows that it’s difficult to repeat this feat. Anyway, that day, I had a lot of messages from Arsenal supporters.”

The 3-0 defeat Watford handed Liverpool meant the Gunners remained unrivaled in their feat as the only club to do so.

Arsene Wenger would be hoping deep down no other side replicates his ‘Invincibles’ achievement any time soon.