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Arsene Wenger can’t live without football

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Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he doesn’t feel happy without thinking about coaching a group of players to success.

Manager Arsene Wenger spent 22-year at Arsenal in the English Premier League.

Then he decided to leave the Gunners, and now he feels empty inside as he wants to return to coaching.

“I still can’t live with the fact that I’ll never be on the bench again,” he was quoted by Four Four Two.

“I might go for an intermediate position. What I want for sure is to share what I know, what I’ve learned, as much as I can.”

Wenger explained: “I would like to experience one more time the intensity of competition.”

“I enjoyed taking a distance and had a reluctance to go back into the heat again.”

“It was difficult to say no to some people” after being presented with various opportunities over the last year, but refused to go into more detail,” he said.

“Other people have taken the job and I don’t want them to feel they have been a second choice.”

“You have many candidates for positions sometimes and once a decision has been made you have to respect it,” he commented.

“When you have been in the game for such a long time, I would never have felt I could leave Arsenal without being disconnected from the club, but I had to reinvent a new life. I had to take a distance by being positive.”