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Arsene Wenger hints at managing Bayern

Arsene Wenger
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Arsene Wenger has hinted that he might return to take over Bayern Munich as a coach

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he misses coaching and being on the pitch. And with now that an opportunity has arrived, the Frenchman believes it is possible for him to return.

Recently, Bayern Munich sacked their head coach Niko Kovac. With negative results increasingly piling up,  Bayern felt it was high time. A good amount of prospective candidates are lining up to take over the Allianz Arena.

As a result, Arsene Wenger has emerged as one of the strong names to replace Kovac. In his recent interview, Arsene Wenger talked about his chance of coming back as a coach.

“I came here to speak about the games and you start very strongly there, putting me straight under pressure!

“Of course! Coaching was my whole life until now and everybody who has coached will tell you the same.

“You miss the intensity. There’s some things you miss a lot, and some things you don’t miss. So I enjoyed as well things I don’t miss too much.

“But on the other hand, winning football games, preparing a team for a game, developing players and getting satisfaction and shared emotions is something that you miss.”